A Complete Robust House Air Seal

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Using “ProClima Tescon Vana” tape which is highly adhesive and “Siga Majvest” microporous membrane for rainproof and wind tight building envelope.

“ProClima Tescon Vana”

  • Used to form a secure and permanent seal of overlaps between foil and fleece membranes (Intelligent vapour checks and airtightness membranes, roof underlays and wall membranes) and joins between such membranes and smooth, non-mineral surfaces.
  • Suitable for sealing butt joints between wood-based panels such as OSB or MDF sub-roof panels or woodfibre softboards.
  • Bonds overlaps between sheets of vapour check and joints between wood-based panels (such as OSB), also seals service penetrations.
  • Offers high protection against piercing in corners due to its high elasticity.
  • Comes supplied with release paper
  • Easy to tear by hand

Pro clima tescon vana airtightness tape

“Siga Majvest”

The sturdy and rainproof membrane Majvest provides for permanently windtight facades on the outside. SIGA-Majvest is highly tearproof and flexible, so it is easy and safe to lay. The material is diffusion-open and permanently protects the wall construction from condensation build-up.  With a width of 3 m and the practical cutting and bonding aid SIGA-Majvest can be applied very efficiently.

  • 3-layer, tear-proof and flexible
can be laid easily, quickly and securely
  • 3 m wide with cutting and bonding aid
saves time
  • for all closed facades
for all-purpose application