A Simple Life Magazine – Cover Article

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A great cover story (Summer 2017, pp.6 – 23) featuring the amazing process of restoring and rebuilding the John House home, a 17th century house. The salvaged building was bought, sight unseen by Jerrilee Cain and Ted Claydon, and arrived in a trailer from Glastonbury once the perfect site had been found. We were hired to reconstruct it piece by piece, adding additional, salvaged plank, sheathing, paneling, and a chimney from other 17th century houses. It was a thoughtful, careful job built on in-depth research and respect for the original home, as well as the additions and changes by the owner’s son. The history of the house closely parallels the history of Glastonbury – its increasing prosperity from building ships and in being a trade center for the vessels coming up the Connecticut River. Enjoy the gorgeous photos and the labor of love on one of our favorite projects.