As energy efficiency becomes increasingly important to the health of our planet, so too have our collaborations with engineers and healthy building experts.


  • We are happy to design your project in house with our design team
  • Or to work with one of a group of architects we work with in the area who align with our mission who we bring to the table as needed for their expertise in a particular style or aesthetic
  • Or to work with an architect you’ve chosen

Mechanical Engineering & Verification

Structural Engineers

  • John Wallen, The Engineer Group

Solar Energy Solutions

Compressed Straw Panels

Landscape Design/Landscape Architect

Our design/build team includes some of the best architects, structural and mechanical engineers, landscape designers, and energy efficiency experts in New England.

Together we ensure success at every stage—from dreaming and design to construction, finishing, and final landscaping. Together with our partners, we bring expertise in aesthetics, energy efficiency, and affordability.

On the occasion when a client prefers to bring in their own architect, we are happy to accommodate, even on “first time-net zero” assignments. Architects who are new to the process of designing for energy efficiency and resilience often comment that our building systems are easy to integrate into their designs and structural drawings. We can also recommend architectural firms that may be a good fit for your scope and particular needs—taking into account energy, design, personalities, and more.