“Deep Energy Retrofits: Upgrading existing buildings saves energy and money”

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This article just came out in Metal Construction News; in it, Kent is interviewed about what to consider when doing deep energy retrofits :

“Deep energy retrofits are not just for commercial buildings. Residential homes can also benefit from undergoing deep energy retrofits to increase energy efficiency and save money. Kent Hicks, owner of Kent Hicks Construction Co. Inc. in West Chesterfield, Mass., has been doing deep energy retrofits on homes in the New England area for eight years. ‘I think it’s really important to upgrade our existing housing stock,’ he says. ‘Our focus is that at least our homes are in progress of an energy retrofit so that we can lower our demands for heating and cooling.’

The company does different levels of retrofits, including phased retrofits, based on budget, scope of work and long-term goals. The work includes everything from complete air sealing, adding super insulation, high-performance windows and doors, and high-performance mechanical equipment. ‘We’re kind of soup to nuts, depending on whether it’s phased or a full-on retrofit,’ Hicks says. ‘We really try to focus on low embodied carbon of the materials that we use. That’s really important to us, along with healthy materials.’ ”