NESEA Building Energy 16: Building Energy Conference and Trade Show in Boston, March 8-10, 2016

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Kent will be a speaker at the NESEA Conference this year with Jesse Selman and Chris Briley.

Their workshop is titled “When You Come To A Fork, Take It. Residential Choices and Performance.”

A Brief Description

Decisions, decisions. Residential design is always part education, part therapy, and part architecture. This panel will showcase the work of two designers and a builder who have climbed high on the residential decision-making tree. Architect Chris Briley will explore the challenges of two Passive House projects, in the same climate, with different clients, as he worked with each to come to different conclusions and different strategies for the same high-performance target. Jesse Selman and Kent Hicks (architect and builder) will discuss the complex process of navigating the sometimes conflicting goals of high performance, thoughtful design, and the needs of a client with an existing building, a beautiful site, and multiple chemical sensitivities.