High Performance

Small But Mighty Net Zero Home

Performance Results

Air tightness: 0.40 ACH 50      HERS Index Score: – 16

After seeing an outstanding renovation project done at a friends’ house I decided I had to talk to the builder, Kent Hicks about plans my wife and I had for our new “age in place” house.

We felt comfortable immediately with Kent, he was patient with us and supportive while meeting with us several times to discuss how we might proceed.

At the onset of our project it became abundantly clear to us we had made the right decision. Kent, his team and associates are all first rate, from design refinement, landscaping, framing and finish.  Everything is done with attention to detail, with current knowledge of materials and state of the art “green” building methods. We are very happy we trusted Kent Hicks with one of the most important decisions we have made together.  We love our new home.

~  Bob and Margaret LaPalme

Team and Products

General Contractor,
East Branch Studio 
, Steve Baczek
Structural Engineer, John Wallen, The Engineer Group

, dense pack cellulose, R-17 zip nail base polyiso
Windows/Doors, Prossimo
Heating/Cooling, Mitsubishi hyper heat
Ventilation, Venmar
Solar, PV Squared